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Why ROMAC? What Makes Us Different

We realize that you have choices when it comes to software for your business. And we know that making a decision is not always easy. So take a moment to review some of the reasons that make ROMAC different from the other choices out there.

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What Makes Us Different Reasons to choose ROMAC

Low Cost

affordable software solutions

You don't have to spend a lot of money on software to run your business. Compare our cost to the other choices out there and you will quickly see that ROMAC provide more for your money.

Easy to Learn

get up to speed fast

You can't afford for a new piece of machinery to sit in your shop while your employees learn how to use it. Software is no different. With ROMAC you don't need to wait for a trainer to become available.

Monthly Subscriptions

payment options

Our subscription plans offer you the ability to quickly scale up and down, pay only when you need it and use the most up to date software.

Buy Only What You Need

users not forced to buy everything

You shouldn't be forced to pay for features that you don't want and/or need. With ROMAC you only pay for what you want, when you need it.

No Hidden Costs

don't get hit with hidden fees

We never force you to purchase expensive onsite training or require annual support fee payment at the time of initial purchase. Make sure you know all your costs before you buy.

Proven Software

software that works

ROMAC software tools have helped hundreds of users for over 32 years. No other software product has that kind of experience.

ROMAC is the complete software solution for steel fabricators.

We use Romac software for Estimating, Production Control, Inventory Control, Purchasing, & Drawing Log. The software is very clever in its design. From procurement of material while reducing waste, to tracking all material through the fabrication process, to tracking shipping, Romac tracks virtually everything and provides clear instructions for cutting all while keeping the inventory correct. (Stock, Remnants, and on order) I have been using this software for nearly 30 years and have never found any software that comes close to doing what Romac does, especially when considering price.

Dana Ashberry
Chief Structural Steel Estimator & Project Manager
Gerdau - Albany, GA

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