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ROMAC Release History

ROMAC Version Logs

The following shows a complete list of release versions of ROMAC software. They are listed chronologically from the newest to the oldest.

Downloads & updates are for users who have purchased full versions of ROMAC software applications and are currently covered by a valid Annual Support & Maintenance (ASM) agreement. You can only download a version with a date that is prior to your 'ASM Valid Through' date.

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Production Control - Series 8

Version 8.1.63 - 2017/4/18

  • Added Shipping Tickets Log Report
  • Added option to start new page with section change on nested shop cutting list
  • Added option to create shop cutting list from shipping preload list(s)

Version 8.1.62 - 2017/4/5

  • Added option to create job site ship ticket from an out process ticket
  • Fixed error on next period if after noon on last day of month
  • Fixed cumulative report totals if job imported from series 7

Version 8.1.61 - 2017/3/10

  • Fixed to not error when deleting shipping ticket

Version 8.1.60 - 2016/10/14

  • Fixed problem with generating error when adding a note to the outside process shipping main screen.
  • Revised Shortage List screen display to sort by sequence when "Separate List for each Sequence" is checked
  • Revised to note if a piece is a "job standard" when the detail piece mark is entered.
  • Added option to update ship ticket using a pick list Learn more... pdf file

Version 8.1.59 - 2016/08/23

Adds the option to convert selected bar items to plate or convert plate items to bar. The "Convert Bar <> Plate" option will allow you to scan selected drawings for all Bar or Plate items meeting your criterion. Learn more... pdf file

Version 8.1.58 - 2016/08/10

Adds the option to maintain field bolts in a separate list. With this new option, field bolts are still broken down by drawing but they are separate from the shop bill of material. If importing from Kiss or BIF files, the import routine will look for "FIELD", "Field" or "field" in the remark field then add them to the separate field bolt list. Learn more... pdf file

Version 8.1.57 - 2016/06/20

Fixed problems in plate nesting routines at shop cutting list. Activated shop standards.

Version 8.1.56 - 2015/10/20

Fixed problem with remarks not printing on MSL. Activated "Display to Screen" button at shortage report. Fixed problem with deleting nests in plate nesting module.

Version 8.1.55 - 2015/09/28

Added BOM Remark field to "To Cut" screen listing at Length and Plate nesting

Version 8.1.54 - 2015/06/17

Fixed problem with program sometimes adding quantities to ship ticket when 2 or more tickets are printed in a row without closing ticket

Version 8.1.53 - 2015/06/15

Corrected problem with preload lists imported from Series 7 revised kiss/bif to recognize RB and REBAR as rebar shapes

Version 8.1.52 - 2015/06/05

Fixed cutting list problem with deleting "Existing" and "Job Standard" items. Fixed cutting list problem where an item Remark was omitted on "Existing" items

Inventory Control - Series 8

Version 8.1.30 - 2016/04/27

Added Receipts Report by PO Number and Vendor.

Version 8.1.29 - 2015/05/20

Changed to new licensing system.

Version 8.1.28 - 2015/03/10

Revised Usage Report format. Added usage MTR files export to zip file.

Version 8.1.27 - 2015/01/16

Added MTR display to usage screen.

Purchase Order - Series 8

Version 8.1.21 - 2016/03/16

  • Fixed extra charge unit on Vendor Copy report
  • Corrected problem with deleting locked POs

Version 8.1.20 - 2016/01/28

Fixed totals alignment on Current Orders Report. Added option to batch delete POs.

Version 8.1.19 - 2015/05/20

Added size to "add MTR screen". Changed to new licensing system.

Version 8.1.18 - 2015/03/10

Added vendor sort option.

Version 8.1.17 - 2015/01/16

Fixed bug in MTR updates.

Version 8.1.15 - 2015/11/06

Added ribbon menu.

Version 8.1.14 - 2014/10/13

Fixed problem with ending comments. Added option to add item to database during data entry. Added edit option to Material Database display.

Version 8.1.12 - 2014/04/29

Added CSV import to Materials Database. Allow general job number change to "" after a PO has been issued. Fixed screen display of > $999,999.00. Allow category of 24 characters with numbers. Added line items to Open Orders Report.

Estimating - Series 7

Version 7.1.32 - 2016/07/08

Corrected cost method in summary file for nested items with per foot pricing.

Version 7.1.31 - 2015/05/14

Increased Estimate Number to 24 characters. Changed to new licensing system.

Version 7.1.30 - 2015/03/24

Fixed Cost Table batch edit save.

Version 7.1.28 - 2014/09/15

Added Labor Analysis CSV export.

Drawing Log

Version 2.0.37 - 2016/08/12

Fixed database problem causing an error in some cases.

Version 2.0.36 - 2016/07/01

Transmittal Issue - Fixed latest rev to issue correctly if 2 revisions on same day.

Version 2.0.35 - 2015/04/25

Revised to allow import from PDF drawings with same drawing number if the drawing type is different.

Version 2.0.34 - 2015/04/27

Changed to new licensing system.