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Licensing Options Choices

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Which License Option Should I Choose?

At Romac, we give you purchase options to suit your needs. And we never hit you with any hidden and/or mandatory fees.

Perpetual License

Perpetual licenses are ideal for small offices requiring only a few individuals to access and use ROMAC software. These licenses require a much higher up-front cost. Optional (never mandatory) Annual Support Maintenance (ASM) agreements may be added to give you free technical support and major/minor upgrades for the term of your agreemennt. (Please note that ASM is only available for Series 8 products.)

Upgrade License

Perpetual upgrades to current software versions are available to current or previous owners of ROMAC software at a reduced cost. Choose this option if you want to upgrade to a perpetual license and do not have a current ASM agreement.

Subscription Plan

Subscription licenses gets you access to ROMAC software at a much lower up-front cost with monthly rental payments. Subscription plans include support and free upgrades for the term of your subscription. These licenses enable companies to quickly scale up or down to manage temporary projects without the higher cost of perpetual licenses. With subscription licenses you pay for access to software only when you need it, giving you flexibility to control your costs without a long-term commitment.