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ROMAC's Drawing Log program is an economical, easy to use program to organize your drawing records. All revisions, approval issues, approval returns, distributions, etc. are easily entered and retrieved. It is much more user friendly, versatile and comprehensive than a spreadsheet application. The system will generate transmittal letters for all approval issues and distributions.

  • Economical
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Get Organized
  • Log & Track Revisions
  • Log & Track Approval Issues
  • Log & Track Approval Returns
  • Log & Track Distributions
  • Generates LOTs


Master Database Maintained

A master database of companies and contacts is maintained. Company data can be transferred to a new project without the need to reenter the information.

Report Filter Options

Several different reports are available. Reports can be filtered to include any drawing information including approval issue/return history and distribution history to any company in addition to drawing date, revision, etc.

  • Drawings not sent for approval
  • Drawings requiring re-approval by return note
  • Drawings sent for approval before a certain date but not returned
  • Drawings requiring changes by approval return note
  • Drawings revised since distributed to a selected company
  • And many more...


System Requirements

ROMAC Estimating is a multi-user application and can be installed on a standalone computer, as a single-user application on a computer attached to a network, or it can be installed on several computers attached to a Windows network.

Operating System - Windows XP Home & Professional, 7, 8.1 or 10

System Memory - The programs should run on systems with the minimum amount of memory recommended for the operating system but at least 32 meg of memory. If you think your system may have a marginal amount of memory in which to run the program, try running the program with the marginal memory then buy additional memory only if necessary.

Hard Drive Space - Varies from a few hundred meg. If you have been using our Series 5.3 system, data storage space will probably be 3-4 times as much as required for Series 5.3 data.

Network - Windows peer to peer (optional)


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Manage Revisions

Every revision level along with the revision date can be maintained for each drawing. There is no limit to the number of revisions per drawing.

Drawing Distributions

Drawing distributions (such as shop, field, etc.) are initiated by a transmittal letter. A record of distribution date, revision level of the drawing and purpose of the distribution is maintained. Drawing distributions can be made to an unlimited number of companies.

Flexible & Configurable

The system is flexible and user configurable. You can add or edit drawing types, transmittal codes and return codes. A drawing can be configured to include made by and checked by fields plus up to 6 additional columns of data such as title, size, product, etc.

Segregate Drawings

Drawings are segregated by type such as shop, erection, joist, design, etc. Drawing numbers can be any alpha/numeric mix up to 12 characters in length.

Approval Recording

Approval issues are initiated by a transmittal letter. Approval returns are logged into the system along with the return status (approved, not approved, etc.). The system retains a record of all approval issues (with the revision level when issued) and approval returns. There is no limit to the number of approval issues.

Transmittal Letters - LOTs

Every transmittal letter is available on line for viewing or printing. Additionally, the information is kept with each drawing.

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