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ROMAC Annual Support & Maintenance - ASM

What is Annual Support & Maintenance?

Annual Support & Maintenance (ASM) is a comprehensive service plan for your ROMAC software solutions. The service program was developed to enrich and lengthen the usefulness and lifetime of your ROMAC software investment. It combines software updates and upgrades with expert technical support services.

What is Included with ASM?

Annual Support & Maintenance (ASM) ensures that users have access to the latest software features and functionality by maximizing the software performance. ASM also provides your users with access to our technical support department. Our team is available to ASM customers for assistance with installation, migration, upgrades, troubleshooting and more.

  ASM agreements include the following items for the term of the agreement:
Major Upgrades FREE major version upgrades for your ROMAC software
Minor Upgrades FREE minor version updates & bug fixes for your ROMAC software
Technical Support FREE unlmited technical support for your ROMAC software

Why should I purchase ASM?

ASM protects your software investment and guarantees that you always have the latest software version. You receive major and minor program updates at no additional cost. ASM also gives you free unlimited technical support.

How much does ASM cost?

An Annual Support & Maintenance agreement can be purchased at the time of initial software license purchase for only 15% of the software price, and lasts for a period of one year. If you add ASM in the future, the price will be 15% of the then current software list price.

How long is ASM good for?

ASM last for a period of one year and is renewable upon expiration with payment of the current ASM price.

Where can I find my 'ASM Valid Through' date?

To determine your 'ASM Valid Through' date follow these easy steps...

  1. Open your ROMAC product
  2. Click on Help on the top menu and select About
  3. The product name and currently installed version number will be displayed at the top
  4. The ASM Valid Through date will be shown just above the user name

Version and ASM Expiration location

How do I add or renew ASM for our ROMAC products?

Simply contact us. We would love to assist you with this.